Door to Door Waste Collection (Primary Collection)

Range of Household Bins & ptter Collection Bins.

Garbage Tipper for Door-to-Door Collection, Auto Tippers from 1.1 CBM and above..

Street Corner bins of 1100 Ltrs. Compatible with Garbage Compactors…

Steel containers upto 10 CBM for Dumper Placer / Skip Loaders and 8-20 CBM for Hook Loaders….

Waste Collection & Transportation (Secondary Collection)

Rear Loading Truck Mounted Refuse Compactors are designed for lifting and unloading the garbage from bins / containers, compaction & transportation to transfer stations / processing plants/dumping grounds

   4 – 5 CBM on 7 Ton GVW Truck Chassis

  6 – 8 CBM on 9-11 Ton GVW Truck chassis.

  11 – 14 CBM on 16 Ton GVW Truck Chassis.

   18 – 20 CBM on 25 ton GVW Truck chassis.

Portable Compactors / Fixed Compactors Transfer Stations (FCTS)

With Specially Designed Waste Handling Tip Carts and Waste Receiving Hoppers with compaction system –

   Efficient and Hygienic Waste Collection Centers..

   Portable Compactors of 10 CBM to 20 CBM.

   FCTS with detachable containers from 10 CBM to 20 CBM .

   Portable Compactors / FCTS Containers are compatible for handling with Hook          Loaders mounted on 16 Ton / 25 Ton GVW Truck Chassis..

   Establishing Waste Transfer Station.

    O & M of Waste Transfer Station..

Solid Waste Transfer Station

The Waste Transfer Station will receive garbage from waste collection vehicles such as Tippers, Skip Loaders and Refuse Compactors..

The material will be discharged into a receiving hopper and is compacted by a Stationary Compactor into a Roll-on RollOff Container. The container with compacted garbage is picked up by the Hook Loader and transported to waste sorting station/processing plant/dumping ground.

De-Centralized Waste Processing – Composter

Fully and Semi-automatic composting machine which uses special micro-organisms to break down and decompose all kinds of organic waste into compost within 24-48 hrs with a volume reduction of upto 80%.

The machine has composting tank, with a humidity sensor, heater, mixing blades and an exhaust system.

100 Kg. to 2000 Kg. per day.

Waste Processing Plant & Machinery

  •   Waste Receiving Hoppers
  •   Trommel Screen
  •   Ballistic Separators
  •   Shredders
  •   Magnetic Separators
  •   Belt Conveyor System

Waste Landfill Management

Capping and closure of landfill essentially includes creating a bifurcating layer between the accumulated waste and the environment, humans and other animals, protecting them from the adverse effects of the contaminated waste that is accumulated and is also believed to limit the migration of the harmful contents.

 Landfill Reclamation / Landfill Remediation

Landfill Reclamation is used to expand Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfill capacity and avoid the high cost of acquiring additional land.

Benefits of Landfill Reclamation:

Expanding Landfill Capacity at current site.

Generating revenue from sale of recyclable material.

Producing energy from combustible reclaimed waste

Reducing the size of landfill footprint.