Our services

Services for the Municipal corporations,ULBS,SMART CITIES, INDUSTRIAL PLANTS & TOWNSHIPS:

Solid Waste Management:

Providing O & M of Solid Waste Equipment.

Waste Management Operations for Door to Door collection, Transportation and Disposal,Processing.

De-Centralized Waste Processing Solutions.

Sewer Line Cleaning & Maintenance and Rehablitation:

De-Silting of Sewer Lines – Regular Cleaning and maintenance of sewer lines.

CCTV survey to provide health and condition of sewer lines and manholes.

Sewer Line rehabilitation.

Providing latest technology machines on Hire.

Integrated Mechanized Sweeping:

O & M of sweeping machines.

Providing sweeping machines on Hire.

Providing sweeping machines on Hire..

Undertake mechanized sweeping with GPS enabled Machines and GIS Based services..

Industrial Waste Management:

Integrated Waste Management including Hazardous Waste Landfill Development and O&M.

Material Handling:

Material Spillage Recovery, collection & disposal, Sludge & Effluent cleaning using high capacity Industrial Vacuum Cleaning Machines in Steel Plants, Cement Plants, Power Plants,Aluminium Smelter Plants etc.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC).

Operations and Maintenance Solutions:

Carryout operation and maintenance of machines owned by clients and we can also provide machines to carryout required operations.

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC).

Supply of Spare Parts and Consumables


All the equipments supplied by us are commissioned by our professional and trained engineers


Our engineers provide training for operation and maintenance of our machines at site